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Sound installation, 23 min. Send + Receive Festival of Sound Art. 

A site-specific polyvocal sound installation. ABAT-VOIX is performed by José Luis Íñiguez, Anysa Saleh, Irina Contreras, Daniel Bouthot, and Marissa Bergman, singing along with pure sine waves.

A hand holding a white paper program, on it is printed in green and pink ink  "Send + Receive; A Festival of Sound V 15" up against a grey metal mesh in the background. The text of the program is in black ink, " Andrea Roberts (MB), ABAT-VOIX. Sound piece | 24 min | 2013
ABAT-VOIX is a multi-voice drone piece named after canopies once built above the pulpit in Catholic churches to amplify the voice of the priest. Installed within the contested architecture of Winnipeg's The Cube, ABAT-VOIX is inspired by the promise and hidden peril of resonant frequencies  - the tendency of structure to resonate at higher amplitude at a specific frequency - for a prolonged period of agitation by resonance can cause collapse. 
The Cube, Old Market Square, once daily at NOON. 
Send + Receive fesival v15 | Oct 9-12 12 2013 |
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