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A sound and sculpture-based installation bringing together ideas about healing and protection, property and bodily autonomy, care and control . . . Drawing on personal experiences of navigating and accessing support as a person with chronic illness, Roberts’ installation reveals the magical thinking that reinforces the permeable, indistinct, and ultimately temporary boundaries between chaos and order, between sickness and health, and between what is yours, what is mine, what is shared, and what can never be owned."         

  -   Exhibition text by Curator Blair Fornwald.

University of Manitoba School of Art Gallery, 2022

Small text-based sculpture mounted perpendicularly with a marble patterned acrylic base to a white wall in a gallery. The text reads OCEAN VIEWS six times in a serif font overlapping. The words read left to right and right to left on alternating rows for a total of six rows. Cut out of birch and stained a shiny teal green,  overlapping text forms a lattice-like structure.
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