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A reflection on neuroplasticity and trauma within surveillance capitalism. Featuring the works Eye Dialect, a teleprompter-like sculpture playing a script in washes of saturated colour. The script a compilation of public apologies made by public figures transcribed through dictation software, You Can _____Your Life (EMDR), uses sub-bass tones just at the level of perception (40-51 Hz), alternating from two subwoofer speakers across the room from one another, one submerged in an off-kilter stage. 

Image of the work "Eye Dialect" from AO Roberts' installation The Yolk of Menial Light at aceartinc. 2016. Two metal C-stands used in film production stand upright with a piece of glass clamped between them. Reflected onto the glass is the phrase "WHAT I HALF STOLEN IS MY FIDNINGS".
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